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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Wow he pushed a player because he was too close to a waitress who should not of been taking an order at that time.... decision making is his strong point I guess?
Right on Kager

Something happened after that game which made Mayor B come forward NOW and concede to shoving Cap'n Jack!

It was no coincident how Mayor B took that long to come out and concede to shoving Cap'n Jack folks! Mayor B did not have to say this tiny fact at first, but he then came forward with this after an Internet video from the fans behind him surfaced on the internet showing him pushing Jack as he nearly fell on the Waitress and the Mayor. So now Mayor B looks like a Noble Great Mayor to clean his "Mayoral Accidental Incident"..

I saw a Tweet Sunday evening with a video but I lost that tweet after that.....I will try to post that close video if I can find it later.
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