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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Why did the Spurs draft an undersized big to begin with????????????? If that's your main point on Blair? He never was going to grow anymore.

Blair has way more stock than O'Neal at this stage for a "rebuilding" team. They have Gortat and Frye.......why have O'Neal when they are next to the bottom of the WC? I can see why you debate the conditional pick. First off it's conditional. Second it's #41 or higher in a very weak draft. They already have picks coming from the Lakers and have very young players already in the fold. You can't have 10 second year/rookie players on your roster at one time. The Suns wouldn't miss a pick from Denver. They are not New Orleans.
no my point is you're trading a big who's getting some minutes in PHX for cheap and way past his prime for an undersized center who can't get in the rotation and is behind Matt Bonner. the Spurs got him for potential but now we've seen he probably won't match anything that was expected of him if his knees weren't going to give him trouble.

Blair would have more stock than O'Neal if Blair was locked up. you're talking about trading big for small (basically, which teams never do). you keep O'Neal because you know he won't come back to the team.

problem with your pick argument is that you're talking about rebuilding and then you mention giving away picks. when you're rebuilding, you keep your picks even if they're way low since you can probably get something for them (cash) or draft a player that you don't have to guarantee a contract for. this makes no sense for the Suns because why would they want Blair over O'Neal if they're still at the bottom of the WC?

IF Blair can impress (which he probably can), he won't stay in Phoenix anyway. he'll either get an offer from another team or go back for cheap (which he could do as a free agent from SA anyway) because Sarver is EXTREMELY cheap on contracts. this deal makes no sense for the Suns as much as you try to spin it. it makes perfect sense for the Spurs because it would be a no lose situation. we're running a 3 big rotation with occasional small ball with Jackson. if O'Neal doesn't pan out, we can still do the same thing and he can take Blair's place on the bench, but trades don't happen when it's lopsided in one direction.
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