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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
why would the Suns trade a big and a second round pick for an undersized PF when they're both going to be free agents?

Blair has no stock right now, he can be had as a FA if they promise him a starting job (which they could and bench Scola or Gortat next season).

i know why we'd want to do it, the Suns would rather get a pick in return for O'Neal than another player back. plus Sarver is cheap, he'd gamble on a player he wants via FA and try to low ball him as much as he can before allowing a player play to his potential in Phoenix and earn a hefty payday.

Why did the Spurs draft an undersized big to begin with????????????? If that's your main point on Blair? He never was going to grow anymore.

Blair has way more stock than O'Neal at this stage for a "rebuilding" team. They have Gortat and Frye.......why have O'Neal when they are next to the bottom of the WC? I can see why you debate the conditional pick. First off it's conditional. Second it's #41 or higher in a very weak draft. They already have picks coming from the Lakers and have very young players already in the fold. You can't have 10 second year/rookie players on your roster at one time. The Suns wouldn't miss a pick from Denver. They are not New Orleans.
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