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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
He has the size and talent but he is young and those players dont sign with the Spurs. Its not there.
he really has no value. all the teams (except Houston) can't offer him a whole lot of money. the Spurs are the only real contenders in that mix and he can definitely outplay Blair & Bonner for the 4th spot in the big rotation easily.

Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
My only comment would be why the last minute run on this guy? Granted, he might fit the bill but if he’s been an unrestricted free agent all this time, why hasn’t anybody grabbed him before now? I guess Brooklyn, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston, Minnesota and the Spurs all realized after this past period of team evaluation, they must be missing something in the kitchen. It must be nice to be wanted….at the last minute, if the price is right. Come on down.
Spurs don't seem to be too confident with this group if they are. it doesn't hurt to see what he can bring either. he can be insurance for Jackson or Leonard while playing the 4th big spot. it'd really be a no brainer win situation with no downside.

no idea how the "retaining rights" thing works since we somehow had Mills' rights along with Diaw last season when they were signed midseason, so if he signs and we keep his rights, that's also insurance in case Manu/Jax don't return next season.
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