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I thought this lose ranks as one of the worst this season.

The Spurs had no reason losing to the Hornets on a night that Spurs had a day off before and will come to meet a depleted Lakers team in 2 more days!

Nothing was done right. NOLA had all things going well and prepared so hard and brought all their energy at HOME with almost half full arena....

How HARD was it for Da Spurs to bring Dat Energy in NOLA!!!!

Spurs deserved this loss they dug their hole and could never climb up! They played selfish with no Ball Movement and no life and zero energy or TEAM Balling...They were sleep walking in this one....The continuous NOLA's physical Pressure D made Spurs totally sluggish! I was hoping the Spurs will bring it from the Bench but neither did...Oh well....

Maybe this will help the Spurs prepare for the Mighty Fakers coming to SA on a B2B after playing H Town tomorrow night.

Now if Spurs lost like this to the Hornets who play HARD Nose Physical Defense!!!What can we expect from the Lakers team who has KOBE and Steve NASH plus some other scrubs to fill in?!!

Spurs will have to play SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better if they want to win vs. injured animals team Lakers come Wednesday! Last thing we need is Spurs lose to Almighty Lakers without Howard and Pau and at HOME!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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