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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
No team is like the San Antonio Spurs. Since 89-90, they have only been under 50 wins 4 times. That is going on 24 years. One was the lockout year of 99 when they were on pace for 62, one was the year we got the Duncan pick, and the other 2 were 47 and 49 win seasons in 91-92 and 92-93. Compare the Spurs to the Patriots? No one compares to San Antonio.
Quite so on many levels.

People tend to forget that no NBA team since the ABA merger has had fewer "lottery teams" than the Spurs, fewer than the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, etc.( Caveat: OKC doesn't count in my book) Only four Spur lottery teams total if I remember correctly and most came after Ice left and before DROB arrived. We've always drafter higher than most teams because of being in the playoffs year after year and look at our cumulative success. Pretty damn remarkable....and largely ignored considering the Spurs were the singular ABA merger team that the NBA really didn't want to include in the final merger because we were an even smaller TV market back then. Thank goodness for owner, the late Angelo Drossos who also was primarily responsible for the NBA implementing the 3 pt. play into the rules against Red Auerbach's determined desire not to and also to minimize the ABA legacy.

Kobe Bryant has been on one lotto tam already and possibly a second this year (LAKERS SUCK), they have had five lotto teams since the merger plus all the "Stern Lakers vs Lakers Finals'' gifts".

It's good to be a Spurs fan.

Go Spurs Go!

The Cap'n says "Go Spurs Go!"
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