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I agree 100% with you SleepyAdamII It is killing me to see Pop sticking with Neal as a back up PG. Neal is a Horrible back up PG. His decisions are so SLOW on the ball and he gets attacked so easily and he loses the ball most of the time. He does not fit here as a PG and maybe we should play him only a back up SG option after Green and Manu.

More often Manu ends up saving the day with Manu taking over the Back up PG when Neal falls like a "Deer in the Headlight" Thrown in the combat zone...

I do believe that Pop is looking for the consistent SCORER as soon as TP goes to the bench to take a breather and Gary Neal is a proven Volume Shooter even in PO (when fully healthy and in rhythm) and since Manu was inconsistent for a while Pop had to rely on Gary to bring the scoring as TP rests. Now that Manu became more consistent maybe Pop would have Mills coming in for back up PG rather than third back up PG.

As for dishing the ball and getting every Spurs player involved, it is done by committee when TP is on the bench. They are doing well because of Manu holding the forte as TP goes to rest. Timmy also is a great passer and Diaw too.

Mills does have some similarities to TJ Ford and I can see Mills developed much better and faster and smarter on the back up PG vs starters material not vs. reserves in garbage time.

As for Nando he still lacks more playing time and more experience plus we don't want him to burn out since he is a rookie. I think Pop sending him to the D League is doing him a great option to develop faster. Nando can be the third option after Mills on PG.

The thing I can think of is Pop might be looking for whoever he can afford to keep here, maybe Pop is also experimenting who he can keep and would not afford to keep next year that is the only thing I can think why Pop keeps playing Neal that many minutes vs Mills that we might even not be able to afford to keep next year... Who knows!!?
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