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I think Pop just wants to stick with Neal as the back up PG, even though 3 years in its painfully clear he's not a good PG. Lately I've seen Neal, Manu, and Green or Jax on the court, and Manu brings the ball up most of the time. But I just don't like Neal as the back up PG, he gets trapped at half court, he doesn't have great handles, his passing is okay, but he really works best off the ball, curling off screens for jumpers.

When we got Mills last year I was stoked because I felt Mills added a dimension we lost with TJ ford, a good ball handler, who was quick and allowed the guys to play off the ball. But Mills rarely found his way off the bench and now he is kind of reserved for garbage time.

Also I feel like Mills or DeColo are much better options, but Pop is playing a gimpy beat up Neal as the back up instead of inserting Mills.
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