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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Tim is simply applying will power to his game these days. Guys like Hakeem, Ewing, Shaq and Moses were shadows of themselves this late in their careers. Wilt had moved on to other interests. Only Kareem and (to a slightly lesser degree) Russell were able to do what Tim is doing.

I guess Timmay still has things he wants to accomplish. That's great news for the Spurs.
Dream and Ewing relied more on athleticism, especially Dream. Once that was gone, then their game suffered. Shaq and Moses were more power players. Typically with those players the body breaks down, a la Shaq.

Tim, like Kareem, is a good fundamentally sound big man. Kareem can shoot the sky hook today!! Tim will be able to hit the bank shot until he is 90. Also important to realize the importance of the role that their respective coaches play on their "longevity" and effectiveness as well as the type of men each guys is.

Like Riley, POP has turned the keys to the offense over the Parker and Manu just as Riley did with Magic and Worthy. Tim and Kareem are both humble superstars, quiet and stoic in nature but true leaders. They were willing to be the third option in some cases until it was winning time. The offense didn't completely go through Kareem but when it was time to win or if a big bucket was needed, the ball went to the big fella. Same with Tim.

Good to see Tim playing well.
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