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Gregg Popovich talking about Stephen Jackson is the best!!!

By Zach Harper | NBA Blogger

"Someday, I'm going to be talking about you on the Twitters." (Getty Images)

Stephen Jackson has long been one of the fond members of San Antonio Spurs. Tim Duncan has called him a great teammate and Gregg Popovich has asked him for "some nasty" during key playoff moments. Jackson's personality is often a much-needed injection of energy and grit to this Spurs' roster.

"Stack Jack" was recently fined for basically threatening Serge Ibaka using Twitter. And after the Spurs' shoot around Sunday morning, Popovich saw Stephen Jackson using his cell phone and reacted in a very Pop way. Via Dwaine Price:

"Jack's a pain in the (butt),'' Popovich said. "Look at him, all he does is twitters.

"He's twittering some stuff right now that'll probably get him fined, and then I've got to call the league and talk to the league and say, 'Yeah, I talked to him.' ''

Jackson then chimed in and said: "It's not Twitter. It's Instagram.''

"All he does is twitters" is probably my favorite thing Popovich has ever said and there is a long list of Pop-isms for everybody to enjoy.

The pairing of Popovich and Jackson is one of the more interesting coach-player duos in the NBA. On the surface, most people would assume the two wouldn't work well together at all, but Pop's ability to find the perfect role for his players coupled with Jackson's willingness to do whatever it takes to win games is actually perfect.

Both personalities are also incredibly loyal to those that do right by them within the confines of the job at hand, which puts their mutual respect for each other at an extremely high level. And how does Popovich keep Jackson away from getting into incidents that have been sprinkled throughout his career

As far as keeping Jackson out of trouble, Popovich said: "He stays at my house. I keep him at my house so I know what he's doing.''

Please let this be true and please let someone turn this into a reality television show.
Go Spurs Go!
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