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Abysmal 36.4 percent from the field won't cut it for the Spurs!!!!
With 9 for 34 from the Downtown = 26.5%

It looked to me as soon as Captain Jack hit the locker room with his foot hurt, Spurs overall rhythm just got disrupted a whole lot. Just to show how BIG Captain Jack's Role on this Spurs team!!!

Pop just could not come up with better solutions with the pressure of limiting those who played Long minutes in Milwaukee game and those "other Spurs players" did not show up as Pop expected them to.....

Very disappointing how those "other Spurs players" they know who they are came out just flat....Poor.... very very poor mental decisions + poor ball movements + poor executions.

On a second game after Milwaukee and fighting all the Voodoo in that Arena, NY all of a sudden seemed such as a headline in front of those ummm "other Spurs players"

Very strange game. But... like I said Jack's injury was huge.

It seemed as if Spurs were sleep walking since the start of the 3rd...

Oh well.
Thank Goodness PO will not have those 4 games in 5 nights schedule....

On to the next game Sat vs. 76ers at Home!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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