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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
odds are by that theory we're going to be bickering anyway. if we need two other guys beside Duncan/Splitter, that means we have to replace Diaw, Bonner, and Blair with someone better than Diaw to make a difference and that's a pipe dream. we are running a shorter rotation and playing better defense with everyone knowing their role, so we have the best chance with this squad to win a title than making a trade or two and giving up valuable pieces for one in return.
Well, I hope you're right JTG, cause I don't know how many more close calls to a championship I can take. It's just every year it's the same thing... Manhandled the league in the regular season, only to come up short. Duncan needs that 5th to tie Kobe and to shut up my Laker relatives up!
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