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.04 should never have been in the books as a good call, Shame on the NBA refs and head of officials for considering it as a good call.

That Game 5 of the West Conf Finals in San Antonio 2004 with that one messed up mistake cost the Spurs that series and title that year.

After Timmy hit that dagger that Fish attempt was not in time.. No way!

The Spurs got jabbed in 2008 game 4 in west conf finals Again just as sharp as a newly sharpened Dagger Fish fouled Brent Barry on the 3 Point attempt....Sadly the Lakers got that abusive manipulating Joey Crawford and his fellow Mark Wunderlich gave Lakers all their help on that series to get over us...But the Basketball Gods made Lakers lose in the finals both those years whether to Detroit or to !!!!!

You can see the video again to remind yourself that was a freaking foul!
Spurs could have tied that game and gone to OT.

Now both of those years NBA officials F--ked with the Spurs BUT Lakers got that Karma right back at them in the finals from Celtics and Pistons.

Not that the NBA is fixed but those WEAK Arse Refs need to be Rooted out and never sent to NBA Playoff Games ever ever....Those Bad refs are the kind who would make calls based on their emotional sense and never on their scientific concrete evidence they saw in their eyes especially if it was a game deciding call.

Meanwhile Fish is not going right now to the Lakers yet!

UPDATE on Fisher:

Lakers see what he is now and they aren’t picking him or anyone up, reports Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.

Tweet from Marc Spears yesterday..

Marc J. Spears

Lakers aren't interested in opening a roster spot to acquire Derek Fisher, Kenyon Martin or any other free agent, a source told Y! Sports.
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Maybe Fish is considering retirement after all if Lakers or Clippers or Miami never picked him up..... Alex Kennedy wrote this yesterday..

Derek Fisher Considering Retirement

Derek Fisher is considering retirement, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources say that the 38-year-old Fisher has asked the Dallas Mavericks to release him from his contract, which he signed last month. An official announcement is expected soon.

After spending several weeks with the Mavericks, Fisher realized that he no longer wanted to live the NBA lifestyle. He didn’t want to put further wear and tear on his body or spend more time away from his family. When he suffered an injury to his patellar tendon that would have sidelined him for several weeks, that was the final straw.

The five-time champion is satisfied with everything he has accomplished over the course of his 17-year career, according to sources. Fisher tweeted that he hasn’t ruled out a return to the NBA, but sources say he is seriously contemplating retirement.
Go Spurs Go!
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