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Great Win for the Spurs!!!! Spurs came rusty but they turn loose and dropped that hammer of AGGRESSIVENESS in the second half, despite the rust Spurs pulled a very strong willed W with a GREAT D and above average O too...

Not an easy game and I do like the type of improved Raptors team is.
They have a very good defensive mind Coach Dwayne Casey!!!!

I expect Raptors to get better especially since they made some recent roster moves however, I don't know if they can be as good as the Western teams, because the east is too easy and more PHYSICAL than the West is. So I give the Raptors some credit in the Eastern Conf Context, but not that much when looking over our tougher than tough Western Conf context.

Spurs played great, hats off to Pop and his coaching staff in our San Antonio Spurs they deserve a lot of credit!!!!!!

All Spurs played exceptional, Especially Manu, Tony, Timmy D, DannyG, and THE GREAT Leonard.... BUT boy oh boy what an OUTSTANDING game by my main Man Splitter! So glad he is showing much improvement!!!!

Next game is H Town come Friday!

This is going to be a very tough game even if it is at Home Sweet Home! Houston is never an easy team to play....

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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