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Originally Posted by maldoror View Post
Yes, that's true, they changed this a while ago. I guess the point that it was a neutral timekeeper is still relevant as well as what time should have been on the clock (.8 vs .4).
I think it comes down to human reaction time in both cases. I went and watched the clip of both shots. And in real time, the ball going through the hoop and the clock stopping is almost instantaneous after Duncan hit his shot. Unfortunately, the same goes for Fisher's shot. Of course, if you slow it down, yes .4 seconds ran off after TD's shot, and the clock started late on Fisher's shot.

But there's a lot of "what ifs" here. If LA did have .8, they may have called a different play that wouldn't have had the same result. But to go to the original comment on this subject, I also don't think it's truly possible to hit that shot. A turnaround jumper where he got both feet on the floor to jump, no.
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