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Way to get this W Spurs!!!


New Franchise record from Downtown for Spurs!!!!! 20 for 30!!!!

This is the way to Get the W = Great Ball Movement + TEAM HUSTLE plays on D All Spurs HUSTLED!

If only the Spurs can continue doing this vs. winning teams!!!!

Impressive Leonard 17 points in 26 minutes and ZERO Turn Over...
Spurs had a season-best 17 steals! :applause

This is the best Starters Combo for the Spurs they all clicked.

See the effect of starting Mr. KawhiL on GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN and on all Spurs!!!

Splitter was Fantastic!!!

Tony played like an MVP he was Awesome!

Manu was Tremendous with those steals... Manu was Great! 9 assists and 4 steals!!!!

Diaw was HUGE!!! GREAT work for Diaw... Hope he continues this Great Work! Stats does not reflect how Great he was.

Captain Jack with 14 points off the bench with 3 rebounds was Nice too.

This is a win to give every Silver & Black fan a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!:drummer

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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