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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
I have to agree with the writer, Denver fans give the impression they don’t really support their team and don’t know squat about basketball. Various times over the last couple years my wife had visited our daughter in Denver and her visits coincided with the Spurs being in town, whereupon they both viewed the games in a local sports bar. My wife couldn’t believe how quiet the bar was whenever the Nuggets would score. I’m proud to say my wife held up the Spurs end by drowning out the tavern clientele whenever the Spurs would score. When my wife recanted her experiences there, she said she is so glad to be a Spurs fan and around folks who support their team.
Yeah most Franchise owners have custom built his players game type to accommodate the majority of their local fans. You know they try to sell more tickets so they cater to the majority of that area fans.

In this Denver Spurs game fans got so loud just because Pop had asked his players to pull a (hack a McGee) and sent him to the free throw just to slow down the game to the Spurs pace. Off course that night Pop's strategy never worked but oh well as the writer of the OP said THOSE FANS were sooooooooo upset and kept getting too Loud about Pop's strategy... And he made most of his free throws at that night still Spurs could not for the love of life connect on a 3 or even a simple 15 ft jump shot.. What the fans did was just keep booing loudly... :shocked
Go Spurs Go!
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