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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
And yet his offense was the big selling point when he was drafted.
Sean Elliott said he also was high on this kid when he was drafted.

I guess when James got that foot injury ( was out for 8 weeks) it took some of his game that he never was able to get back.....

Then thing that baffles me is the guy looks like he is talented enough to do many things. He would then get himself worked up, then his brain does not process as quick as he wanted. I guess he put a lot of pressure on himself and he just could not follow.

Hope he works on his quickness and decision making and accommodating to the NBA. It is not an easy transit some kids don't transit as fast.

But never say never, who knows maybe next year we get him or perhaps he gets picked up by a good team. You never know...
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