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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Your ego again. I could give three craps about you. You responded to my post first.

When will you stop? You don't know if what you think happened is true, and neither do I. Doesn't matter what the internet says. AGAIN, they took a bad contract, worth more money for longer, and a weaker player just for the conditional draft pick? Do you hear yourself? Let's say they did want that coveted last pick in the 1st round, couldn't they have found a better deal? Were they really that desperate for that end of the round pick? All I'm asking for is a little critical thinking.

And as far as SA wanting Jackson, well, ok you got me there. When I said no one wanted him, once again you took printed text literally. Obviously the Spurs wanted him.
Well you never answer my questions so why answer yours?
And as far as SA wanting Jackson, well, ok you got me there. Obviously the Spurs wanted him.
Good enough for me finally.
As far as giving a crap or two....... I could care less about you also and your "I'm God" attitude on here. I'm sure you have a wall poster of a sweaty Matt Bonner on your inside bathroom door when you do take a
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