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Pop' s Classic Technical Foul from Vet Ref Bennett Salvatore

I was wondering what Sean Elliott said during the broadcast about Pop yelling out loud "“I wasn't even talking to you! I was talking to him!” then Pop immediately got that Classic Foul from Vet Ref Bennett Salvatore!!! You see Sean never told us why Pop even said that....All Sean said that Pop was talking to the other ref then Bennett came over and said no it is not like that it is like this....

Here is the scope from the Thunder media:

Popovich got a classic technical foul midway through the third quarter. He was signaling for a timeout after a Nick Collison jumper, but the refs didn’t see him. As the Spurs advanced the ball up the court, Popovich began shouting at one of the refs, telling him he had been asking for the timeout since the shot was made. The ref tried to walk away. Pop then went to another ref and aired his grievance there. Finally, he walked over to the third ref, as animated as ever, and pointed at all three refs as if to say “The three of yous couldn’t grant my timeout when I wanted it and now you cost me three seconds!” Veteran ref Bennett Salvatore, the second official who got an earful, finally T’d up Pop as he was chewing out the third ref. Of course, that only set off Pop even more, prompting him to shout across the court at Salvatore “I wasn’t even talking to you! I was talking to him!”
Classic Pop!

Go Pop!

One thing we all know for a long time that Veteran Ref Bennett Salvatore circus antics never get old.
Go Spurs Go!
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