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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
If anything was a waste, it was playing a 36 year for 40 minutes. That should never happen to any player of this age other than in the playoffs. If you can't get it done after limiting such a player to minutes in the low 30s then you need to accept the fact that on that given night your team did not have the available talent to pull out a win. Of course Duncan is capable of running up MVP numbers some nights but should that even be considered during the regular season?
Exactly Spurd_On.

Frankly I am so irritated by this long minutes played by TD. My heart keeps pounding on me when I see TD playing more than 32 mintues. Last thing we need is TD get hurt God Forbid!!!!!

No questions TD is capable of running up for another MVP, but we def need to keep him fresh for the PO.

Regardless if that Sun of a Gun Darn Schedule required more minutes or less. It just is wrong to play TD more than lower 30's minutes in any regular season game especially the B2B ones!!!:shocked
Go Spurs Go!
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