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Fluke yes that is what this is called. The fluke that comes from playing so many road games and having very little rest...

Sean Elliott said it best and if he can feel that, we sure should feel that too. Sean said about this current Spurs team: (I have never seen a TEAM that HATES losing as much as this current Spurs TEAM).

All this should help build their experience and endurance. They need that because Spurs have a more than other teams TOUGH second half ROAD game stretch with the Rodeo Road Trip!!!

Here is one article written on Dec 7th by Kelly Scaletta LINK about how Spurs along with few other NBA teams have the toughest B2B and even have 2 B2B2B games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is truly brutal on a schedule is the back-to-back with both games on the road. You don't just have the actual games to deal with; you also have the travel time to add on to that. You're sleeping on a strange bed, and all of that adds up.

The Spurs, along with the Lakers, Magic and Knicks, have the most back-to-backs on the road. There is one thing that distinguishes them, though, and that's that they also have two back-to-back-to-backs. They are also one of only two teams that have a back-to-back-to-back coming off just one day's rest.


Finally, the Spurs have their annual rodeo trip, which is even more brutal than normal this year. They play nine straight road games from Feb. 6 to Feb. 23. Then when they finally get home, they get to host the Bulls.

Here is another article that shows how Spurs have the #1 TOUGHEST ROAD GAMES stretch in the NBA.

1. San Antonio Spurs (February 6- February 24)

-Wednesday, February 6 @ Minnesota Timberwolves

-Friday, February 8 @ Detroit Pistons

-Sunday, February 10 @ Brooklyn Nets


-Monday, February 11 @ Chicago Bulls

-Wednesday, February 13 @ Cleveland Cavaliers

-Tuesday, February 19 @ Sacramento Kings

-Thursday, February 21 @ Los Angeles Clippers


-Friday, February 22 @ Golden State Warriors

-Sunday, February 24 @ Phoenix Suns

Every season, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo causes the Spurs out of their environs for one of the longest road trips of the entire season. While other teams may struggle during a stretch like this, the Spurs have routinely posted solid win averages during these periods.

Whether it be their experience, talent, coaching or a combination of the three, the Spurs have found a way to channel out the lengthy time away from home, focusing on the basketball aspects.

This year, though, could be an exception.

The teams the Spurs are facing are quite formidable opponents, mostly specializing in athleticism and youth. Unfortunately, San Antonio struggles in these aspects.

While the rodeo is back in San Antonio, this is going to be a bumpy time for the Spurs.
That is why Spurs need to stay healthy come February before this long road trip.

Despite this difficult schedule to start the season with, as of today Spurs are second on the SW Div (Mem is first today) and FOURTH in the Western Conf.

Spurs also have the most NBA ROAD WINS with 11-6 after that comes Golden State with 10-5 and then comes the Clippers with 8-3 AND NY with 8-5.

We want the Spurs to stay top 3 or maybe top 4 in the West. Let's hope they stay healthy so they can come back to their wins and never drop that many Road games again!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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