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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Ok, that was funny. But my point is, what the FO and coaches say isn't always truth or is at least half truth. And something that a writer says about a team, like the first round pick being "coveted", isn't always true either, because that is the writers opinion. GS never said they coveted first round picks, unless you can find something that says they did. I'm inferring from statements, using critical thinking and maybe a little skepticism to come to my opinion. You are taking it word for word, which is fine too. Just don't get into business because you'll get burned easily.
I don't think I need to pull an article up on every single point I make or what you even type or anyone else here to be honest. Now if it's under dispute or sounds like total bull than yes back up the post with some proof. Which I did. You seem to knit pick all of my statements for some reason or a third party writer's word usage. So of course, I'm going to take it as an attack because I even acknowledged some of your points as correct (and actually agreed with some of it) while none of mine were valid even with respected proof in your eyes. But somehow I'm compared to a child?lol. I also admitted that I was wrong in the past with examples. But I did that admitting before anyway. Somehow you walk on water and go with "no one wanted SJax" but the Spurs gave up a first rounder to get him. Thought no one wanted him? That's strange to me on your business comment. Where did that come from? Also you are welcome to look up things yourself since you have a HUGE interest on TRYING to prove that I'm wrong or pulling blank out of the air. Be civil and be factual. Like I said before Man up to your posts. Also I understand coaches/GMs/F.O. all lie, cheat and steal especially during draft time. But I also brought up points/comments after the fact the first trade was done and than the second trade with SA was done. That's not speculation anymore. GS didn't want RJ and TJ's contract they wanted that pick. They are rebuilding. Thats so obvious. You can say they didn't want SJax fine because it was all about getting that SA first rounder. They could have done the deal for RJ straight up if they wanted to rid themselves of SJax so bad. They wanted the pick period the end.
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