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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Actually, it was Sjax that no one wanted.

This was typed by Uwe Blab but maybe it wasn't him because I didn't witness him pressing the keys on his keyboard or cell phone to post this statement. :applause

I'm speculating! lol
Ok, that was funny. But my point is, what the FO and coaches say isn't always truth or is at least half truth. And something that a writer says about a team, like the first round pick being "coveted", isn't always true either, because that is the writers opinion. GS never said they coveted first round picks, unless you can find something that says they did. I'm inferring from statements, using critical thinking and maybe a little skepticism to come to my opinion. You are taking it word for word, which is fine too. Just don't get into business because you'll get burned easily.
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