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Originally Posted by thesuspence281 View Post
I wonder if Duncan having great games like that for the spurs is kind of like how the lakers are when kobe has to do everything. .There's some stat I saw floating around that the lakers are like 2-10 when Kobe scores 25 or more points. Just a thought.
Actually Kobe scored 30+ points in the last 7 games and his team was 3 and 4. And Lakers are 2-11 when Kobe Bryant scores 30 points or more. However Lakers are 7-4 when Kobe has at least 20 points and five assists. So maybe we need Tim to stay at 20 points 5 assists and lets say 5 rebounds?

Originally Posted by RealMadrid12 View Post
I think that it slows the spurs game on transition defense, meaning when he gets the ball and scores young teams are ready to attack us on a fast break and our wings (manu, jackson) are not young to keep up with iguadala and that italian dude, but we getting better, we missing leonard for sure (a young wing)and tony had an ok game
Right on with the Spurs lack of consistent Gang Commitment to D!!
That is why we ar missing Leonard so badly. Danny used to play better D though.

Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
/ this game was L and Not W only because green and neal playing bad game in the same Night. being those two at their usual shoting averages...
Very True Dat. Green and Gary were MIA last few games.

Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
The two things I have noticed this week 1) being outrebounded and 2) lazy passes being turned into transition points. The second observation was made more glaring by the 2 best transition teams in the NBA.

I think the Spurs hit a funky patch, and they need to get sharper on their passes and really put more effort into their gang rebounding. Things that can be fixed, i do miss Leonard though....
Yes the REBOUNDING vs Stronger teams is far more glaring and was a HUGE deficiency!

Nothing like Home games to cure all those funks....

Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
I'm honsetly not worried about anything. Waaaaaay too early in the season to hit the panic button. Remember its a marathon, not a race. Yeah it sucks to be losers of 4 outta 5 but it's not even Christmas yet. They will be fine ....never get to high or to low in the regular season with your emotions

Yeah very true. It is too early remember last year they all started without any training camp and right around Christmas day!!!

We need to build that confidence and keep it up. We can't be complacent and arrogant and too easily satisfied. Pop wants them to keep that (proper fear) attitude and keep POUNDING on that rock until the end!

Spurs are much more than this record portrays IMO. A lot of those lost games either starters did not play enough on a B2B or has to do with some injured key players.

I have no doubt Spurs will refocus and recreate those smart ball movements again and play as a TEAM.

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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