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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
You keep saying that GS wanted to deal him the whole time but you stated he was only in the trade for salary numbers not behavior problems. I agree he was placed for that purpose in the bogut deal.(salary) Yeah he pissed off Skiles but the main reason was to work the trade salary wise and you know that's the truth deep down. I know you admitted speculating but you refuse to admit you were wrong. You brought up a comment that I'm never wrong in my eyes but gave two clear examples. Those sources were articles mainly after the fact the trades were done. If you want someone in on the actual trade call.......that's kind of hard to do unless maybe the CIA or FBI knows what the talks were. Gimme a break man. Get real. I posted from credible sources and sites. SF Gate and ESPN don't do yellow journalism. HoopsWorld?? Okay there is a non-credible site there. I almost never visit their site. If I do it's for comedy purposes. FYI the ownership changed between Jackson GS stints. I don't think Jerry West was on board either. I did say I think on the West part........... maybe I'm wrong but the ownership part.........I'm not wrong. It changed. Why isn't SJax socking fans in the stands or shooting guns in the air at a strip club parking lot anymore in SA? Yeah the guy had a troubled past and I'm sure having hot headed Scott Skiles and super critical Larry Brown as your coaches helps the blood boil a little more. I'm not thinking I might be right. I am right. Opinions are like blanks............ everyone has one. Yours falls under that file for sure on this topic at least. If we go by your rules this site should be torn down unless your information comes directly from phone taps and email/cell phone access by NBA coaches/GMs/owners etc. Because I guess that's the proof you want from everyone on here to exclude yourself of course. Please.........
Again, GS saying "they were leaning towards keeping him" (directly from your article), doesn't say they were excited to get him. It means they weren't sure what to do with him. And the fact that they jumped at the chance to trade him for what seems like an unbalanced return (RJ for 3 more years at 10 mil per) just says that they were happy to get rid of him. As far as ownership, fine. Great research. That doesn't mean that erases the past, even the recent past, like a few weeks before he got traded. And for the record, I'm not even complaining about his behavior here. I just think he's overrated, could be a good trade piece this year to bring in someone else.

You have an opinion and I have an opinion. Neither of us are right because we don't know what was said behind closed doors. We are both guessing. I realize that and you don't.
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