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Manu coming back sparked the HECK out this team......

Boy we missed his ENERGY last game in OKC!!
Nice to see Manu back.

Tim Duncan was an absolutely unbelievable!!!

Congrats to TD on a Remarkable Effort. I am sure he was not satisfied because he wanted to win...

Duncan reached 23,000 points for his NBA career with two free throws early in the third quarter. Duncan, out of Wake Forest, joins Michael Jordan as the only two players in NBA history from the ACC to score at least 23,000 points in their career.

Tony played good I am guessing he is banged up pretty bad.

Splitter was GREAT!!!!

And Mills played AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

Green and Neal both are going through some funk and they probably are just limited I am guessing that both have some sort of a nagging injury just a hunch. There is not way they suck that badly and they are healthy....

Despite that Big Come back Spurs came short of the W.
Like I said in the last game once the starters start slow then dig that hole it is very hard to climb back!!

I do not believe in any Freaking Moral Victory!!!

No Win on the road for Spurs in 3 games in a row is just HORRIBLE!

I am aware that freaking schedule which belongs to the grave and the injuries to key players and the Quality of the PHYSICALITY that was required to win those last three road games makes me say that was just a fluke...

Hope Spurs come back to their basics and get loose coming HOME for a Nice Home Stretch would help them get that confidence and Swagger back!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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