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Originally Posted by polk View Post
Not sure I understand the point of your side note. B2B's are typically bad on the second night of the B2B. You are arguing front end and back end of B2B's.

Spurs won on back end in Nov and lost on the front end yesterday.

Secondly, Scott Brooks was on the bench for OKC last year when they beat SA in the playoffs so he's proven his worth against Pop.
1. For Spurs it might be that ANY game that is part of B2B is going to be a night that Pop would rest his starters and watch their minutes so those games which are B2B are very tricky to judge what the Spurs are going to be in the Playoffs.

So far when Manu and Leonard and Jack (All Spurs) were healthy and played like the first game we played OKC in San Antonio Nov 1st we saw how Spurs won that game.

Ibaka will not be playing that accurate all the time. And Martin might not be as tough as they think come PO.

Only time will tell in the Playoff when Harden will be missed by OKC.

Also Tim Duncan is playing much better this year than last year defensively-yesterday was a fluke for him though since it was a B2B.

But you can't judge Spurs vs OKC so far with these messed up regular season scheduled games. Even though almost all sports analysts have already judged Spurs and said that we don't compare this Almighty OKC team.

2. Pop is working his way to solve the Spurs defensive issues that they have. And by the end of the season come April I expect Spurs to be a much better defensive team because by then Pop would have figured his Playoff rotation.

Pop last year was playing different style than this year that is why I am not comparing last year's PO to this coming this year.

I know Pop does not play he is the one who plans all the rotations and he is the one who calls the shots for Spurs. He was coach of the year last season. Pop has 4 rings and Brooks has ZERO rings.

Also Pop did not ever go to the finals and lost and Brooks lost last year to the Miami Heat in the finals.
Go Spurs Go!
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