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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
You tell me to grow up but you refuse to man up! The first paragraph has nothing to do with my point on your incorrect "speculation". You admitted yours was B.S. eventually in an indirect way. Thank you I guess. I already exposed Scott Skiles' rep with players league wide. Oh so SJax has had did Dennis Rodman and he is where? Hall of Fame enshrined correct? On the second part true as well but did SJax have issues here in his first stint or so far in his second stint besides his harmless tweet? Did he have issues in Atlanta or Phoenix the team who drafted him out of high school? Also to point out he gave up his "C" on his jersey not that he was stripped of it. He didn't want to be there and you never quit at a job before in your life? I'm not saying he is a boy scout by any means but he is/was a champion who earned his ring. His stats have been very good for a former bottom second round pick in 1997. I never proclaimed that GS wanted to get SJax in the trade but they didn't seem to mind pulling the trigger with him included. The Spurs got Matt Bonner and Eric Williams for Rasho in 2006. Toronto wanted to unload Williams so bad they included a fan favorite and a future second rounder to rid themselves of Williams. I even said some trades are not basketball related already in prior posts. The Spurs eventually moved the moody Williams and a second rounder to get Melvin Ely as an insurance policy for their bigs on the bench in 2007. On the authority part which came out of parts unknown ..........WHO DIED AND MADE YOU GOD? I post legit stuff and you post garbage "speculation" that I exposed on here. Ok fine you don't like SJax but like I said before be factual about it. I hate Matt Bonner but I don't make up bull on him on here. Geez grow a set already. YOU WERE WRONG about the SJax comment and my truth laced statements on the subject. Point blank, I backed up my claims.
I admitted speculating, not being wrong. I read the situation differently than you. You are also only speculating based on stuff you read on the internet. Those "sources" you quoted don't make anything you said fact. I'm only speculating, but I believe GS was only going to keep him if they had to. And your little tidbits you found only strengthen that speculation. Not only that, they could be taken more than one way. Much like nobody around here believes a thing CIA Pop says.

My point in bringing up the quote was to show that Jackson and the owner already had a bad history. And that was before Jackson went crazy in Milwaukee. What would make the GS owner believe that Jackson had changed after the Malice at the Palace, firing guns at a club, mutiny at GS the first time, mutiny at Milwaukee, etc?

Either way, you think you are right when you could be wrong. I think you're wrong.
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