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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
We already beat OKC in San Antonio earlier this season.

I am so glad they don't have that beard man Harden this year. Those OKC are not going to beat my Spurs in the PO if Pop did not sit his starters and Manu and Leonard played.
In a 7 game series I am liking Pop OVER Scott Brooks all day long!

Side Note: NBA scheduling [email protected] made it super ugly since FOUR OUUT OF FOUR Spurs OKC meetings were on a B2B.

Spurs won their first OKC game at home on Nov 1st. And OKC won their game yesterday at their home!!!!!!!!!

Spurs/OKC next game is in San Antonio vs OKC on Monday March 11th and it is 1st game on a B2B since Tue the 12th Spurs play @ Minnesota.

Next and last season game Spurs go to OKC on Thursday April 4th and that is also a second B2B game since wednesday April 3rd Spurs play Orlando @ Home.
Not sure I understand the point of your side note. B2B's are typically bad on the second night of the B2B. You are arguing front end and back end of B2B's.

Spurs won on back end in Nov and lost on the front end yesterday.

Secondly, Scott Brooks was on the bench for OKC last year when they beat SA in the playoffs so he's proven his worth against Pop.

Wish I could share your optimism but I just don't believe SA can beat OKC in a series.

We'll see...
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