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I am not sold yet on OKC. They get good benefit from easier schedule than Spurs and won 11 in a row. This is going to catch up with them by the end of the year.

By the way here is NBA Scheduling [email protected] on the OKC - Spurs games for OKC:

Next Matchup between Spurs/OKC

Mon March 11th OKC will be on the road on a second B2B where they play vs Boston at home on Sun early tip off game at 12:00 pm NOON

Thursday April 4th then OKC at home would be rested for 4 days Since they play before that on Sat March 30th on the road vs Milwaukee

Fist game we played OKC on Thursday Nov 1st in San Antonio where they were rested almost a week since Wednesday Oct 24th pre season game.

Than yesterday OKC played at home vs San Antonio where they were rested for 3 days since Friday Dec 14th they played vs Sacramento at home... They were rested and ready.

Now how is that fair. 1 of the 4 games OKC are on a B2B while Spurs have all those match ups on a B2B games?
Go Spurs Go!
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