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You see it how you see it. Here's a quote from another ESPN article:

"Jackson, meanwhile, hasn't played since Feb. 19, recently sitting out with what the team has described as a hamstring injury. Skiles benched him for a game in January after he missed a shootaround, he was suspended one game by the NBA for verbally abusing an official and his playing time has been limited ever since.

The deal brings the enigmatic "Captain Jack" back to the Bay Area. He helped lead the team's only playoff run since 1994, a surprising trip to the second round in 2007. In October 2009, the disgruntled Golden State star asked to relinquish his captain title during a meeting with Riley and then-Warriors coach Don Nelson. He was traded to Charlotte the next month."

I see it as they really wanted to get rid of Ellis and and wanted Bogut, and took Jackson because of the numbers. "Leaning towards keeping him" isn't exactly an endorsement. They were only going to keep him if they couldn't get rid of him. For all we know, the four teams that were interested could have been teams that wanted someone else on their team and was willing to take Jackson. Bottom line, you aren't the authority on anything in this matter. You are only an authority on your huge ego.
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