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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
So again, Golden State traded Stephen Jackson for a pick they knew was going to be at the very end of the first round, an expiring contract for a retired player, and a weaker player with a bad contract. Ok, got it Will.

My statement about nobody wanting Sjax was speculation, just like your statement "several teams inquired about him so why not listen?", is also speculation. You don't know what they were thinking. Let's see your sources. The only statement I'll admit was speculation was the one above. Will you admit anything that you've done wrong? I doubt it. My 10 year old won't admit any wrong doing either.
Right on the money on your first paragraph except the pick was lottery protected and nobody knew it would be the last pick. I'm not in the trade room with GS F.O. but it seemed implied their direction was to acquire picks and they themselves admitted that was the goal. I only implied the obvious Mr.Blab. Actually my statement was not speculation and here is a little from SF Gate newspaper and regarding the trades of SJax.

Random tidbits from San Francisco Gate(newspaper):

The Warriors are listening to offers for Jackson,

Warriors sources said Wednesday morning that the team is “leaning toward keeping” Stephen Jackson – the much-maligned swingman who was acquired in the Monta Ellis-Andrew Bogut deal the night before.

Plus, Mark Jackson indicated that he’d like the opportunity to coach the multi-skilled Stephen Jackson.

Random tidbits from ESPN:

Riley, who received inquiries from four teams regarding Jackson. .... Help | Press

The Warriors were able to deal "Captain Jack" and get a much coveted first-round pick in the process. Golden State had previously agreed to send its first round pick to Utah if it is not in the top seven. The Warriors now will likely be back in the first round. San Antonio's pick is lottery protected, but the Spurs are in second place in the Western Conference so that will probably not be an issue.

In addition Thursday, the Warriors acquired a second-round pick for this June's draft from the Atlanta Hawks for cash considerations in an earlier deal.

So you admit you were wrong now? I've admitted in some very few rare cases that............. I've been wrong on several things and even called out MYSELF on them! Examples saying Danny Green was not an NBA player in the past and wanting to draft Greg Oden over Kevin Durant in 2007. Looking back most people agreed with both of those statements at the time of my statements. I was dead wrong in both cases. But I admitted it already before this so nothing new. So where was I wrong on the above SJax topic??? I will happily admit when I'm wrong and I'm one of the few who actually do on here. Again how are my comments speculation with SF Gate and ESPN typing that news in March 2012?????
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