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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
I didn't say anything that wasn't fact. He was a cancer in Milwaukee and got himself traded to Golden State, who then didn't even give him time to get a sandwich and sent him to SA. Then you start quoting Marc Jackson and the FO, like they are going to say anything negative. They got exactly one pick, a conditional pick. Not exactly a coup on their part. Not only that, they traded for that pick and RJ, who everyone here agrees sucks compared to SJax. So again, why would they do that? Try to grow up and keep it civil for once too. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are out to destroy you.
You said they wanted to dump him and that was not true.(Golden State) Four teams contacted the Warriors for him to include the Spurs. Yes, Sounds like a guy nobody wants.(sarcasm) Of course Milwaukee wanted to get rid of him because he had run-ins with Scott Skiles who by the way is not a player favorite around the league according to player polls posted for the world to see last year. Yes, SJax had problems with Bryon Scott in NJ and once again according to those polls Scott, SVG, and Skiles were at the bottom of same player poll. They are not going to say anything negative but do teams always say something positive? Not all moves are basketball related these days. Also you miss the point on why Milwaukee made the trade it was to get Monta Ellis! They wanted to move Bogut very badly and yes SJax too but the focal point was to acquire Ellis and dump Bogut's horrible contract.(plus he had health issues) I know they got one pick from the Spurs and I was implying they wanted to get multiple picks period not multiple picks from the Spurs which I never stated. The Spurs not only got to dump RJ's contract but acquired a good solid player and they dumped TJ's contract on them to lower their luxury tax bill. The conditional pick was the ONLY reason they did the trade with the Spurs. As far as the rubbish you posted...........You seem to like to attack my posts as history shows. You started the debate with lies about SJax. There was no proof on what you had on your statement. While on my side there was plenty of published evidence that you even seemed to acknowledge as true. YES MAYBE GS thought he had no trade value at first...........but several teams inquired about him so why not listen???? Plus they are/were in rebuild mode why keep SJax if someone is offering something you want like draft picks even if it turned out to be pick #30??? Didn't GS buy a pick during the draft too? The Warriors had a focus on acquiring picks last season that is the crystal clear truth on why they pulled the trigger with the Spurs. Milwaukee's main motive was to move Bogut for Ellis and vice versa. That was published as true and what you typed earlier was complete bull about a player you don't like. I don't mind opinions that disagree with my own but at least be factual about your point/s!
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