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Well Spurs started the game slow. They never could catch up with OKC. The Thunder played very physical and had more weapons.

The best things I seen in this game were

1. Captain Jack back he looked awesome even for few minutes!!!!
2. Nando was great with his hustle and energy!!
3. I wish that Pop would play more of Mills I loved the energy he brought!
4. James Anderson was very good on D
5. Splitter was AWESOME!
6. Blair needs to be in the game earlier he creates a havoc. Vs OKC.

Great call by Pop to sit the starters in the end of game!!!

Don't show all your weapons Pop. Adjust in the PO and make them second guess every move. Good job by Pop.

That way starters don't get over used on a no hope to win game since we did not have our shots clicking and our defense was slower than OKC. That was almost impossible to win and if we brought our starters back we lose the game and our starter.

Remember the Spurs have to play tomorrow at Denver. The altitude + the long bus ride to the arena + a Physical Team in Denver at home which is a another very strong home team it is crucial to keep starters fresh.

This game ended on the beg of the 3rd Q.

Boy now we all know that Bench is ok but never going anywhere without Manu in them playing and guiding them.

Without Manu we are all screwed!!!

Get Healthy Soon Manu!!!!!!!!!!

Let's go to Denver and kill Denver tomorrow!!!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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