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Spurs had been in OKC since Sat Late night or Sun early morning.

I think Spurs are more than ready to Payback OKC at their home ever since that Hideous 4 losses in the PO.

If Spurs stay FOCUSED and play as a TEAM they should be able to get the W even if Manu, Leonard, or Jack are out.

Spurs Come Together to Bring it!!!!!!

They have been looking forward to this game for a long time!!!

Spurs go against the World who is picking OKC to win tonight!!!

Tim Duncan will be a HUGE Factor!

Tony plays like an MVP!

And Danny Green Brings it!!!!!!

Gary Neal shows SHOW UP!

Splitter Brings his BEST Game!

And the rest of the Spurs RISE UP!

I am calling the wounded animal with too many injuries (Spurs TEAM) ALL of them to RISE UP!

Spurs win even if they took OKC to Double OT.

Spurs 108
OKC 105

*Keep in mind Spurs won their home game this season the pressure tonight is on OKC*

Also Captain Jack will be sending karma for Spurs to win this game...

Go Spurs Go!
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