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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
So why did they trade him for RJ and a pick then? He didn't even suit up for Golden State. And of course Mark Jackson is going to talk like a coach. He's not going to say anything negative about him, particularly when that player is known to have a bad attitude when he's not happy.
Thanks for including the first round pick for me lol. That's the reason why they did it not because they were ridding themselves of a horrible team cancer. They wanted extra draft picks and at the time of the trade they were projected to have no picks at all due to the conditional status of them. Which later changed to their favor. Jackson said those things with the mindset he was going to be there and touched on the fact of SJax being on playoff teams and being a champion. Also the GS front office admitted they were not acquiring him to flip him but teams called. Yes, I used the word "teams". All those are facts not just a coach or front office "talking" lol. Yeah his attitude is so bad here and was horrible in his first stint Whatever. Please just man up and admit you were wrong. Want a fact check??'s on the net for anyone to see or you could've just watched NBATV during the trade deadline time frame to gain the correct information on this trade. Stick to the facts and don't just put your words on here like gospel. People don't always agree with me on here but they know I don't put garbage out to include huge lies like yourself at times.

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