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Tim is so neutral on this ASG being such a Humble and open minded HOF!!!

TD would like to go if given the chances and if he goes a lot of fans (True FANS not those idiots who are NOT voting for him online) who attend the game would be so tickled in their "Heart" to see Tim Duncan there.

Considering how TD was Western Conf player of week once this season PLUS his Great level of playing this year so far, I think he should be voted in by coaches.

Tony Parker on the other hand with is playing at a such a high level might be Robbed if he did not go to the ASG this year. With Tony's team being top 3 seeds on the western conf.

And pop is campaigning for that Pop said on the post game conf that he thinks Tony is playing like an ALL STAR.

Oh well even if none of our Spurs players got to the ASG I am still fine with that.

Pop would actually rather that they don't go I am sure.

The big three have been there and done that already... I am sure they all want to win it all and hoist that Trophy more than anything else.

And honestly the SWEETEST reward would be if our Spurs focused on the second half and remained top seed in the WESTERN Conf and won it all!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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