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These days it is hard to find BIGS either in trades or drafts.
The Bigs have become very hard to find everywhere.

Then when you draft one you kina take your chances with his knees.
You might think he is a youngster who can be MOLDED however, you find out the hard ways that this BIG no matter how you slice it and break it to him he just does not fit in Pop's schemes in any shape or form.

You do like a lot of other NBA franchises are doing which is subbing in with the Small Ball and try to fit together what you have to make up for the SIZE.

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose with small ball but most of the times in the PO it is very hard to win without BIGS.

That is one reason Pop is holding on to Blair and Bonner. But ever since Pop got us Leonard in a draft trade, Spurs did better. That is one reason Pop said once last year that LEONARD is most likely the face of franchise. Pop was right.

Now that we saw Leonard injured we are more appreciating how important that LEONARD brought to this club. This is the truth~

LEONARD is on his way back pretty soon according to what Pop mentioned in his pre game to the H Town last Monday. Pop said 3 or four more games. So I expect a whole lot of things getting easier when Leonard is back in the next two games.

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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