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I thought the starters were fatigued from playing in Houston OT. Where the Bench was not the usual Bench. So the starters won that OT.

Then at the Utah game the starters tried so hard but the bench again failed to lift them as they did in previous games.

Starters were so exhausted so they ran out of juice at the end of the Utah game so we lost it by hair to the Jazz.

I was hoping Pop would rest his starters more in the Utah game to keep them fresh for the Portland game but Pop did not.... He played the starters more.... hoping we could possibly win that Utah game and we almost did.....

Then on the Portland game we saw Pop doing that same thing sticking with some big minutes for starters...... I can't figure out if Pop was trying to (service the fans because of an TNT game on a B2B thinking that might help the franchise from being fined... or was it that Pop was trusting that his starters would make it happen!!!

BOTTOM LINE I was very disappointed by the facet that Pop did not give the bench more time in both B2B games to give some rest for starters. I mean at some point Pop would have to figure which one game to throw away and which owe to pick to win..... Next B2B on Monday/Tue I am hoping Pop would pick his poison and put his rotation according to that ahead of time..... Let's file the last B2B Utah/Portland under EXPERIMENT that did not pan for Pop!!!

A fresh Spurs should come out Saturday REFRESHED at home and start a new Winning streak!!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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