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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
The next game with OKC will be a game to see where the Spurs are at.
I agree. It would be a good test to show the world that Pop is not having the same system he had last year and Spurs are winning not mostly because of offense this year. There is a difference a whole new approach to the "Spurs wins" this year.

Originally Posted by JuanCaca View Post
uhm... how fair has been the schedule ... i mean... who has been defeated by the thunder? how many away/home, back to back games? i know SA is the team with more aways games in the first 20 games...
Good point.

The schedule had been brutal for the Spurs. Channel 4 last night said a recent study had showed that the team with LEAST rest between games had been the Spurs so far this year.

BUT Spurs get the most HOME games from now until the Rodeo Road Games the year. So that will balance out for us I hope.
Go Spurs Go!
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