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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
You should learn the game cuz its "so stupid" that you dont!Rip didnt lead and TP as well so get it thru cuz your not doing good. Ha... Like I said where did 2 20 reb games get Blair in the playoffs? Nothing! And no they are not going to get a 1st or even a 2nd... Haha... They cant even get a D-League pick for the DNP so you can just quit thinking about it cuz again its not doing you good. Again Brown didnt play the 2nd half of the season cuz of injury so you cant get on him for that and the money dont mean nothing when your injured... I dont want to do this to you but your not getting it so GET IT! Again if Brown is a bum then Blair is more of a bum come playoffs and if you dont get that then you should just give up... Last I know the Red Rocket is not be talked of being traded so try again... As for the fat bear... He wants to be traded cuz he knows he sux and cant play for a ship team... "The Spurs don't want to trade him for a second round pick. They are holding out for a first rounder. That was already published.". Haha... Ya it looks like Im "standing alone and nobody agrees with me" when the Spurs and yourself are agreeing with me... I didnt even have to do it to you cuz you just did it to yourself... Nuff said! L-3x and out!
Learn the game so you played NBA basketball?lol. Your spelling and sentence structures are of early grade school levels that make your posts one big pile of elephant dung.
Go back to school!lol:applause
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