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Something has to be said about continuity, that's what the Spurs have and what the Lakers lack. Spurs have the same Roster + De Colo, no subtractions.
The core of the big 3 intact* for the last 11 years. And a Hall of fame coach with 15 consecutive trips to the playoffs.

On the other hand you have the Lakers, the opposite of consistency, they added 6 new faces to the Roster and traded or not resigned another 6. All just to try to get a quick fix. And ESPN eats it all up. Now on their 2nd coach who nobody thinks is a good fit, they'll be lucky if they make the playoffs.

The reason why they're loosing is because they're not familiar with each other or the system. It doesn't help that they're playing with a third string point guard (even though 1 & 2 can't play defense). And the fact that Kobe wants to do it all and they loose almost every time he scores 30+ points.
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