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"Kobe is part of the problem"

how does the author propose to help fix the Lakers defense if the Lakers have a head coach who doesn't coach it? the final score of a game could be 120-119 Bobcats over Lakers and D'Antoni will rant about needing to play better offense. what a lot of writers and critics don't realize about D'Antoni's style is you can't lock guys down every game if you're looking to run and get a boatload more possessions in a game than in a set up offense style. they're trying to score every 7 seconds or less, that's 17 seconds left over in every one of their possessions during a game. they can't play great D, just enough defense when it's close at the end and D'Antoni doesn't know anything about that.

there's Lakers fans who say "they need time to gel". they're offense is great, they're just missing a key component in a D minded coach. Steve Nash returning will make their D worse.
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