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Just Awesome to hear those fans cheering in H Town!
I say Spurs fans in H town REPRESENTED Very Well I was able to see a lot on the screen with Spurs Jersey!!!

Spurs Nailed the W with Neal!!!!

What is Tougher than a Nail? Gary "Freaking" Neal!

LOL @ Gary said to the reporter after the game that he was not as impressed with his career high of 29 more than his career minutes of 35:02

Tony Parker (MVP Like) carried the Spurs with his First Triple Double!!! GREAT HUSTLES and GREAT FOCUS! God Bless our TP!

Manu was unbelievable all game long with his GREAT HUSTLE then he hits those TIMELY DAGGERS and free throws in the fourth to seal IT!

Timmy was in foul trouble but he did those little things that gets you in the game such as Great Rebounding and 3 blocks and hitting all his 8 free throws ... He was Aggressive enough to keep Spurs in that game and he ended up with double double.

GREEN was Very Special. He played outstanding D and he hit some Key Shots all game long. Green was great!

All Spurs played great. This was not an easy game to win because Coach Kevin PUMPED his team with Confidence real good. Jeremy Lin did an unbelievable job.

Rockets players were playing so aggressive on D and connecting on their shots pretty good. Lin could become better now with Coach Kevin giving him the team to lead while Harden is injured. Obviously these two are not playing well together!! Coach Kevin probably is facing a dilemma there as Harden comes back...

Inflating that PUMPED UP Monster of those young Rockets on the road was not an easy job.

Give Pop and his Coaching Staff a lot of credit! Again Pop is the best now. Despite the Spurs are not the best team now... They will be come after March...

Side Note: Charles Barkley said yesterday on the Dan Patrick radio show that the best team in the league is OKC by far now, then Memphis is behind them, then the Spurs come third!!

GREAT GRIND It W for our Spurs on the Road!!!!!

Way to Go Spurs!
Go Spurs Go!
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