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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
"How did not having an all star on the court (MJ) not help anyone?" Ha.. Cuz he didnt HELP! No Rip didnt Lead the Pistons to a title and that was after the Wizards but ok... Brown missed half the season for GS cuz of injury so you cant say much cuz of that but salaries are important when the player justify's the teams system and I dont think he was right for GS so thats on GS. Ya and where did those two 20 reb games get Blair in the playoffs? And where is his avg now? Ya the Spurs WANTED a 1st rd pick for Blair but now they cant even get a 2nd... The Spurs know its successful to get Blair out or they wouldnt be looking at doing it. He is out of SA come end of season! Id rather get a bum who plays in the playoffs other than one that dont! Lost2x!
I think by not having MJ those two years they would have won half as many games as they did. Why does Rip have to lead the pistons all by himself in 04'? Didn't TP win the Finals MVP in 2007 so I guess Duncan didn't lead the Spurs at all??? So stupid! Brown missing games for GS makes no difference even if he played all 66 games last year. The guy blows for the money. At least Blair has gotten a 20 rebound game lol. Where is Brown's? Oh that's right he has just as many as we do.....NONE! Blair's average? It's better than Brown's!lol The Spurs don't want to trade him for a second round pick. They are holding out for a first rounder. That was already published. Brown is a bum as you say who you want to trade Neal and Blair to a bum? Blair does not play much in the playoffs. It would be one thing if he played and sucked. But playing 5 minutes a game or not playing at all isn't gonna help anyones' numbers. If you want a guy who plays in the playoffs and sucks every year look at the Red Rocket! You are standing alone on this idea. Nobody agrees with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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