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Captain Jack should know better not to tweet like that. All those NBA players' social media public accounts can be seen by league officials among all!!!!

I hope Jack gets well very soon and come back to focus on the BBall court not any other distractions.

BTW I read yesterday that OKC Front Office did not want to keep Harden after last season because of Harden's immature comments or gestures that lead the Lakers MWP (Meta World Peace or truly he is the Meta Anti World Peace IMO.... ) elbow and suspension of MWP last PO.

We all know how those bad arse Ibaka *And Harden when he was in OKC last year* had won over the Spurs in that OKC series.... But Jack needs to keep quiet until we meet them this Playoff and pay them back on the court.

Spurs already won OKC in the beg of the season at the Home opener fair and square and Spurs will meet them OKC on Dec 17th in Oklahoma. This one will be the one we Def Need to see our Spurs Kill those OKC at their tough HOME.!
Go Spurs Go!
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