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This is a nice rising from the dead topic. When Tiago was hurt in training camp his first year and took so long to recuperate, I thought he might be a bust. But he took a few years to acclimate to the Spurs system and I believe he’s rounding out just fine. He’s excellent on the pick n roll, hits the boards well, plays some decent defense and he runs the court better than any big man I’ve seen, outside Duncan. I think we need to reassign him. Now, the topic has arisen and remains on the table that the Spurs need another big, to which I agree. But I don’t support giving up Tiago for another big, unless that big is better than and, without a doubt, can outplay Splitter. That big has to hit the ground running before doning the silver and black. And just because another big might fit this prerequisite, remember, that big has to acclimate himself to Pop’s system and teammates immediately while Splitter is already there. IMHO, of course.
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