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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
MJ didnt help him... thats why the Wiz and Cats are what they are... And Rip never lead any team. Salaries have nothing to do with it but it does tell you what Brown was going for at the time he got his big pay day, teams want nothing to do with Blair and he will never see that kind of pay day. You think cuz Blair's career stats are a little better that makes him better then Brown? Even when he was on the Wiz? Ha. BTW dont forget who Blair plays for and who he plays with cuz any player can get 20 on a team like that... I think you should stop looking at the stats and start looking on the court cuz your just lying to youself. Lost!
How did not having an all star on the court(MJ) not help anyone? Rip never lead a team(?) but he was never important to the piston's title and upset over the Lakers in 04' Finals??? How is that not a leader? He was a crucial championship piece. Salaries are important if a player doesn't earn his pay. Kwame Brown getting 8 million last year in Golden State was not justified in anyone's book including yours. Stats don't lie and you know it. I'm sorry if Michael Jordan has better stats than Matt Bonner. I'm sure you prefer Bonner over MJ stats or not. Anybody can get 20 rebounds??? Bair had two 20-20 games in his rookie year and Tim Duncan had one his rookie year. Saying Blair has almost no talent is pretty crazy. Nobody wants him because the Spurs want a first round pick for him that's why! price is too high. I look at the stats and the court either in person or watching it somewhere. I agree about getting another big. Trading for Kwame Brown is not even close to a successful idea. You want to trade Neal for that bum? I'd rather have the #60th overall pick in the 2013 draft over Kwame Brown!
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