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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Brown played with Rip Hamilton and Michael Jordan how did he have no help?? Blair's career minutes per game is right at 20. Brown's is over 20 minutes per game and peaked at over 30 minutes per game. Brown got paid 8 million last year. Blair was at 1 million. So when you compare players keep playing time and salary in mind please. Also Blair in less minutes as better career averages than Brown. Brown is supposed to better be way better than Blair but isn't. Brown has never had a 20 rebound game but Blair had two in his rookie year. Look at the stats they don't lie!
MJ didnt help him... thats why the Wiz and Cats are what they are... And Rip never lead any team. Salaries have nothing to do with it but it does tell you what Brown was going for at the time he got his big pay day, teams want nothing to do with Blair and he will never see that kind of pay day. You think cuz Blair's career stats are a little better that makes him better then Brown? Even when he was on the Wiz? Ha. BTW dont forget who Blair plays for and who he plays with cuz any player can get 20 on a team like that... I think you should stop looking at the stats and start looking on the court cuz your just lying to youself. Lost!

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